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Faces Of Death

Jan Soldat 2023, experimental, 6’35“
16:9, 24fps, mono, english with engl. subtitles


In his almost 70-year acting career, Christopher Lee died more times than he lived to be years old. In 219 feature films, 148 series episodes and six short films, the characters he played died more than 90 times. „Faces Of Death“ collects these film deaths and arranges them along the post-war cinema of the 1950s, the adventure and horror cinema of the 1960s and 1970s, finally into the 2000s with Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars.


Idea, Research & Editing
Sales & Distribution

Jan Soldat
Lorenz Fischer /
sixpackfilm /


“We’re all going to die”
(Andrey Arnold / sixpackfilm)