Jan Soldat 2017, Dokumentarfilm, 19’58“
miniDV / DCP
, Farbe, 4:3, mono, dt. mit engl. UT


Drei Männer sprechen über ihre Sehnsucht geschlachtet und gegessen zu werden.

„Three men drenched in shadows talking about their sexual desire of being killed, butchered and eaten. The sincerety of interest in the voice of the filmmaker when he asks his questions, the simple but precise framing that highlights the background, which brings to the fore a variety of socio-polictical backgrounds where otherness exists, as well as the insight into the power of speech, intonation instead of blank visibility of faces. Jan Soldat unobtrusively asks the viewer to ponder a certain strength – and even spirituality – that underpins these base yearnings, and to consider the pain of lives lived in secret. A truely fascinating work by a trustworthy documentary filmmaker.“
(Alejandro Bachmann, Curator)



Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Lorenz Fischer /
Alex Demetriou /
Jan Soldat
Andreas Pietschmann
Markus Graf
Helmut Mooshammer


Deutsches Theater Berlin / 13. Achtung Berlin / 14th Indielisboa / 14th Vienna Shorts Festival / FILMADRID 2017 / Nachtschatten BDSM Fetisch Film Festival 2017 / 3rd PornCorn Berlin / 20th Guanajuato International Film Festival / Hungry Eyes Gießen 2017 / Queer Porto – International Queer Film Festival 2017 / 46th Festival du nouveau cinema of Montreal / Szczecin European Film Festival ’17 Poland / 17. Flensburger Kurzfilmtage / 25th Mix Brasil Festival of Diversity / exground filmfest 30 / Porny Days Zürich 2017 / 15th London Short Film Festival / Queere Filmwoche Leipzig 2018 / Court Mais Trash Brussels Independent Short Film Festival 2018 / 3rd Fish&Chips Film Festival Turin / 28th Bamberger Kurzfilmtage / Shortcutz Berlin / University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka / 24. Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche / 20th Mecal Pro International Short Film and Animation Festival / 30th Mix Festival New York / 30. Filmfest Dresden / FAR OFF Köln 2018 / cellu l’art Jena 2018 / Hacker Porn Film Festival Rom 2018 / 6th Fete Du Slip Lausanne / ASFA BBQ Athen 2018 / Filmrauschpalast Berlin / pornfilmfestival berlin / 2018 Pink Screens Brussels 2018 / 18. Flensburger Kurzfilmtage / 2nd PornFilmFestival Vienna / Metropolis Kinemathek Hamburg / 35. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg / 23rd Q! Fest Houston / JVA – Chemnitz, Dresden, Zeithain / 37. LGBT Film Festival Slovenia


Award for Most Intriguing Film – Szczecin European Film Festival ’17
Special Mention – cellu l’art Jena 2018

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