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Hotel Straussberg

Jan Soldat 2014, documentary, 26’56“
miniDV / DCP, colour, 4:3, 25fps, mono, German with English subtitles


This hotel is not a comfort zone, but a military flavored prison, and his gay guests can be chained before they get disciplined. To outsiders, the scenery seem bizarre – but as always, it helps to recognize the peculiar in debt. Between delivery rituals there are friendly chats, but especially in the documentary observation of this German SM bondage role play there are flashing moments of real tenderness. So it’s also a comfort zone, somehow.



Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Alex Demetriou /
Jan Soldat


Viennale ’14 / Porny Days Zürich 2014 /New York Porn Film Festival 2015 / 7th GO Short Nijmegen / Stadtkino Künstlerhaus Wien / 12th Indielisboa / 21th Encounters Short Film Festival Bristol / 10th Vilnius International Short Film Festival / 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival / 32th Helsinki Short Film Festival / 3rd Transcinema Peru / 13th London Short Film Festival / 9th Glasgow short film festival / 11th Vilnius International Short Film Festival / Belvedere 21 Museum Vienna / Randfilmfest Kassel / Erotic Edge Mumbai


Best Documentary Short – 7th GO Short Nijmegen