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The Visit

Jan Soldat 2015, documentary, 4’46“
nokia cellphone / DCP, colour, 4:3, 25fps, mono, German with English subtitles


The 94-year-old Grandmother and her daughter are visiting the self-built torture-prison of the grand-son. Irritated but also very open the grandmother is confronted with a very special kind of mondern sadomasochistic prison-roleplay. A short film about the meeting of generations.


Sound Mix

Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Jan Soldat
Lorenz Fischer /
Alex Demetriou /
Jan Soldat


44th Int. Film Festival Rotterdam / 17th BAFICI Buenos Aires / 12th Indielisboa / Queer City Cinema Film Festival / Cine Radical La Paz Bolivia 2015 / 7. Kölner Kinonächte / XVIII edition of the Guanajuato International Film Festival / 19th Annual Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival / Ambulante Colombia 2015 / 20th edition of Milano Film Festival / 15th Pink Screens Bruessel / Fringe! Queer Film Festival London 2015 / 3rd Transcinema Peru / 1st Fish&Chips Film Festival Turin / 13th Zinegoak, International GLTB Film and Performing Arts Festival / Outview Athen 2016 / Filmschlossfest 2016 / 11th Vilnius International Short Film Festival / ASFA BBQ Athen / Filmrauschpalast Berlin


„The Visit“ @ IFF Rotterdam
(Giampiero Raganelli, Quinlan)